Bedroom wall art with a city theme

It's not all about the dog-eat-dog hustle-bustle, you know

When it comes to seeking the utmost in relaxation, choosing city-themed paintings and photos for your bedroom might at first seem a bit counter-intuitive. We normally associate cities with fast-paced, over-crowded, dirty, smelly, loud places.

A busy city street, a while ago.
A busy city street, a while ago.

Yes, we imagine an unbearably stressful degree of non-stop rustle-hustle-bustle that's just not conducive to taking the nightly voyage to our dream destination of Snoozeville in the Land of Nod.

But let's take a step back and think about it for a moment. Maybe there are other, more appropriate pieces that could work very nicely as bedroom wall art. Step right this way...


The soothing sights of city nights

Atlanta Skyline at Night - by Jon Holiday
Atlanta Skyline at Night - by Jon Holiday

There are many, many great photographers and painters out there who capture the beauty of nightlife in big cities. Ever been to Georgia and seen this gorgeous view of the Atlanta skyline at night? No?  Nor have we, but Jon Holiday's photo makes us dream of being there. You can almost feel the pulse there, but it's a nice, calm, relaxing pulse.

Painting the town terrific - in your bedroom.

Regardless the colour scheme in your bedroom, you have superb opportunities to make it a very cozy place, indeed. Plain white walls will obviously work with any combination of images, but if you're planning on a few different city scenes, you should really take some time to consider what kind of mood you're trying to create.

Dusk Lamp - by Robert Mondoux
Dusk Lamp - by Robert Mondoux


Obviously, you want it to be relaxing, and not too in-your-face. You might want to go for a darker, more sombre piece on the wall facing your bed. Something that's nice to look at, but has a nice dream-like quality and depth.

Robert Mondoux's Dusk Lamp is a perfect example of what we're talking about here. Even the tangle of electrical wires seem at rest here, projecting just enough power to give the lamp its sleepy glow.

On the wall over your head, how about something just a little more colourful? Something to look at before you hit the sack?

Pick an icon, any icon

How about an iconic night-time image of, say, the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, or perhaps this fantastic shot of 'The Shard' in London.

The Shard, London - by Shannon Sheridan
The Shard, London - by Shannon Sheridan

We love how Shannon Sheridan framed this shot, with the deep blue, darkish top-centre background, the yellow and green lights emanating from the windows on the right, the red and ultra-violet-styled lights from the left (and the way they reflect on the building on the right, giving it a slightly surreal glow). And of course The Shard itself, captured in all its modern, funky-yet majestic glory. Where's the 'Like' button on this photo?

But every city, in every country, on every continent (on at least one planet) has at least one of its own buildings, monuments, statues or gazebos that's unique to that particular city.

What's in your city?

Park it here - right in your bedroom

It's always a treat to take a break from the steel & glass and the concrete & pavements, and take a stroll in the city park. In most cases, parks reconnect us - to some degree, at least - to nature, and allow us to forget that there's so much traffic and general manic hub-bub just a few hundred metres away.

Autumn Bus Stop - by Bev Jones
Autumn Bus Stop - by Bev Jones

Whether it's a warm summer's day, or a beautiful day in the autumn, images of city parks convey a welcome feeling of serenity; an oasis of calmness in our fast-paced and hectic city lives.

This painting, by Croydon-based artist Bev Jones gives us a contrast; we feel the warmth of the autumnal colours of the leaves on the trees - and then the fresh coolness in the air, thanks to the jacket and scarf of the person waiting for a bus.

Summer in the park is for picnics, with food and drink, music, good conversation, and maybe a frisbee or a football. Autumn is good for walking or jogging, and enjoying the colours and the cooler temperatures.

New York photographer Ben Orlansky has loads of images set in Central Park (and elsewhere in NYC). We really like the 'Secret Romance' shot.

NYC Secret Romance - by Ben Orlansky
NYC Secret Romance - by Ben Orlansky

The way that the branches and leaves gently mask the lovers is beautifully subtle, with a teasing little touch of mystery. This would add a perfect serene and romantic touch to your bedroom décor.

There are literally thousands of city-themed photos and paintings that would transform your bedroom into a cozy, dreamy little haven of total tranquility.

What would you go with? City nights or larks in the park? What's the most gorgeous skyline you've ever seen at night? What's your favourite time of year to visit your city's park?

We'd love to hear your views. Feel free to leave a comment.

And enjoy your rest in the city

8 thoughts on “Bedroom wall art with a city theme

  1. Eric

    Your bang on with your part about city nightscapes. Whenever I watch the late night comedy shows with Jay Leno and David Letterman, I always enjoyed the backsplash of city night they have behind them.

    I really feel that a wall decor of this theme is really soothing and everyone should get something like this for their own homes.

    1. MarkBase

      Post author

      Exactly! It's so calming - and classy at the same time.

      I'm originally from Montreal, and you can get a gorgeous view of the skyline there from this 'mountain' just on the north side of the downtown area.

      Thanks for stopping by, Eric! Let me know if you get any cool shots of wherever you're from!

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    1. Post author

      Hi Milo,
      Thanks for the info, but I'd prefer to promote my site through proper means, like extortion, blackmail, and some other, more traditional under-handed schemes. Call me old-fashioned. 😉

      P.S. I can't for the life of me figure out why your comment appeared in my 'Spam' section. Good thing I found it, eh?

  3. Marlaine

    I think it's the "viewing from a distance" that makes a city picture relaxing. As if you're parked somewhere far from the hustle and bustle, gazing at it but realizing you're NOT busy hustling and bustling... but rather enjoying the pretty lights/view. I could totally have that Atlanta Skyline photo in my room for that reason!
    Have you ever come across any Leonid Afremov city scape paintings? You might enjoy them!

    1. MarkBase

      Post author

      Hi Marlaine,

      We haven't checked out any Leonid Afremov, but will check him out forthwith!

      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. June Danks

    You have certainly given me a choice here, wow, I'm impressed!

    I do love the "Skyline by JonHoliday and Ben Orlansky is one to look out for, I will be taking a look at your link, thank you for making things easy 🙂

    Do you have anything from California? visited the West Coast a few years ago and fell in love, Yosimte and Carmel being amongst my favourites.

    Brilliant idea.

  5. "Dusk Lamp" is gorgeous! I'd love that in my house.

    The layout is thoughtful, and the images shown really help illustrate the points in the text.

    My one nitpick is the first image of the busy street, and the way the caption says, "...a while ago". The wording just seems.... Odd. I, personally, would get rid of that phrase and just leave it as, "A busy city street".


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