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Different strokes of art

Since the dawn of mankind, we've been painting our surroundings (or people or things in our surroundings); documenting them or trying to convey our interpretations - our impressions - of what we're seeing. From cave paintings in Africa to the nicely-rounded ladies of the Renaissance
in Europe; from Toulouse-Lautrec's gritty Post-Impressionist Paris to Picasso's bizarre-yet-endearing takes on different city- and landscapes, people have been painting and drawing their towns and cities throughout the ages, with varying degrees of recognition and success. One thing remains the same, even today: it does indeed take a variety of different artists to create different strokes of art. It's a given.


Abstract vs Realism

Today,  there are many different styles and genres of painting. Some artists go for super-realistic-looking paintings, as in Photorealism or Hyperrealism art (there are some great time-lapsed YouTube videos of artists doing this), while other, more
abstract artists might just dab two or three large blobs of paint on a canvas and say, "There, that's Venice. And Stockholm. And a bit of Cairo."

Here at City Edge Scenes, we're going for something in between. And we'll be focusing on work that has a real city feeling; either a gritty urban flavour, or a dreary, demure or dazzling downtown display.  We may even drive a little bit past the city limits to see some superbly sparkling - or subtle - scenes of suburbia. (And we'll try to use a little less alliteration while we're at it.)

Red Light Sky
Red Light Sky - by Robert Mondoux

The search has begun...

Over the next couple of weeks, we'll be scouring this big old world for unknown (or lesser-known) painters who either specialise in city-themed art, or have some great examples to share (and sell). And in doing so, we'll be keeping a keen eye out for those who don't charge seven arms and three legs for their work.

Do you know of any painters who do this kind of urban painting stuff in your city? If so, you'd be doing us (and possibly even them) a great favour by getting in touch. We've got a few artists and photographers whom we're just about ready to feature, but any tips - from anywhere - would be most helpful and welcome.

Let's connect.
Ask your artsy friend(s) to get in touch at this email address:
Or you can get in touch yourself with their details at:

And be sure to come back within the next couple of weeks for a full array of city scenes.
Enjoy your life in the city...

2 thoughts on “City Paintings

  1. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for including my painting RED LIGHT SKY in your intro to urban landscape painting. I look forward to more great additions to your blog.
    Keep it up!

    PS; I'm ready for my close up, anytime Mr , DeMille ...


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