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Cities happy,
Sharp and snappy

Paris is a feeling
Paris is a Feeling - by Irene Suchocki

With today's digital photo technology, almost anyone can take great shots of city scenes. Can you?

Check it out; if you want to see the absolute coolest photos of city life, and make them a part of your edgy living room décor, you've definitely come to the right place. We will rock you. Or perhaps brick you. Or maybe even stone you. Take a trip and discover the happy, sharp and snappy world of urban photography. It sparkles and shines.

Admit it - you're on the edge

We're all living on the edge, and some people take some amazing photos of it all.

Fire Hydrant White
Fire Hydrant White - by Lyle Robinson

Just look around you and you'll see the edgy stuff everywhere. On our city streets, our buildings, our trash/garbage/rubbish cans/bins/tins/whatever.

We like to discover people who like to discover and share these little hidden gems; who find beauty in wonder in the seemingly mundane, everyday objects and scenes of the city.

Just look for the beauty, and it will find you

And all of the images you'll find here are made to be displayed. They've been snapped, cropped, enhanced and, in many cases, chosen by interior designers to add depth, mood, and a unique

She Called Herself London
She Called Herself London - by Irene Suchocki

flavour to your home; from your kitchen to your living room, your bathroom to your boudoir, and from your home office to your kinky dungeon.

Find what you need to give whatever space you have that extra bit city glamour.

You know you want it. And you'll find it here.

Browse and buy fine art photos and paintings of beautiful, quirky, eerie or moody city scenes today.

The Salisbury pub, Harringay, London
The Salisbury, London - by Mark Base

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