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Here are the artists and photographers we've featured here at City Edge Scenes.

(Do come back every once in a while to meet a new one!)

JonHoliday_smJon Holiday - Photographer: "Sometimes the work is is cold, or wet, or lonely, or all of the above. But mostly it's all about understanding light. I work in that "magical" narrow time frame when the daylight fades and the artificial light begins to glow.  Those lights are very different in color so learning to balance that  as I expose, and also considering composition, structure, textures, color and all the rest...is what makes urban photography really interesting to me." Click here to read the interview, and see some of Jon's work.

Robert-MondouxRobert MondouxPainter: "Once I've chosen one of my photos to paint, I usually will have thought about it for a long time. I either have the “chosen element” already in the shot, or have readied myself to create a specific effect or look to it. That said, God bless happy accidents. Do not dismiss that wrong flick of your wrist, that smudged line of colour. After swearing at your blue streak, step back and take a long look at it. Take that “error” deep inside you and search for its own beauty, and let that beauty guide you to it's surrounding and supporting design. Or, hey, just paint over it." Click here to read the interview, and see some of Robert's work.

Lyle-RobinsonLyle Robinson - Photographer: "Some shots I go looking for, while others just happen upon me by walking or biking through various Montreal neighborhoods. It's on these walks that I've discovered the beauty in the derelict, the abandoned and the neglected. Homes, laneways, discarded or uncared for objects - they all have a beauty and character to me that shine through wonderfully..." Click here to read the interview and see some of Lyle's work.

Are you an artist or a photographer who's involved in creating or capturing scenes from your city? Or do you know someone who is? If so, drop us a line at mycityimages@cityedgescenes.com. 

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