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Treat your bathroom as an equal

An unattractive bathroom, yesterday.

The bathroom is often sadly neglected when it comes to decent décor. This is partly because, these days especially, people tend to spend less time in there. It's all about serving a specific function; either disposing of bodily nastinesses (see left), having a quick shower, shaving or putting one's face on. Fewer people actually spend time soaking in a nice, long hot bath, so it's no great surprise that we spend less of our decorating money on things like colour coordination or nice pictures for the bathroom wall.

But there's no reason - nor excuse - for this neglect. Even if you have a really small bathroom, there are loads of ways to make it attractive. But there are certain things you need to think about.

Pick a colour scheme for your bathroom's décor

Simply thinking about colours and hues would be a great first step toward creating your ideal bathroom.

Do you like soft pastels or brighter primary colours? Are you into floral patterns or sharper straight lines in blacks, whites, and greys?

Remember, this is the most private room in your home, and there's no shame in taking the time to enjoy it.

Which wall art works for bathrooms?

This is totally up to you. There's no right or wrong style of image here. It's your bathroom.

Hydrant-Close - by Robert Mondoux

If you have kids, or if you sometimes have guests with small children, you may want to avoid some of the scarier/more gothic pictures. But you should definitely make sure you use images that go with your colour scheme, and that you feel good about. Make it something you love.

Variety is always a good idea.

When in Venice
When in Venice - By Irene Suchocki

It may also be worth thinking about getting a few different paintings or photos that would work in some of your other rooms as well. A lot of people like to swap things around from time to time, and that's always good.

Just have fun with it; making your bathroom just the way you like it really shouldn't feel like a chore.

But remember - it can get damp in there!

If you've got a well-ventilated bathroom, or if you intend to change your bathroom wall art fairly frequently, this shouldn't be an issue. It is worth bearing in mind, however, that most paintings and photos aren't really made to be hung in damp areas. But don't let this deter you. There are plenty of different waterproof frames out there that will protect your precious pictures (here's an example: A3 Waterproof Silver Snap Frame 25mm).

What's your style? Let us know...

We'd be interested to see what our readers think. What would look good in your ideal bathroom? Let us know by leaving a comment below.



Which scenes of the city are best for the boys and girls of today?


Fun Steps - by Lyle Robinson

There’s a growing trend for modern young parents to start breaking down old-fashioned gender barriers in children’s décor. In other words, people have begun defying the more traditional kinds of art and decorations for their princess’s little palace, or their little boy’s room - or indeed
their ‘little boys’ room’ (bathroom), for that matter. The general advice for the hip young parents of today is to go for neutral colours, motifs, and photos or art.

...or 'boys will be boys', and 'sugar & spice'?

Around The Bend - by Lyle Robinson

Having said that, in our wonderfully patriarchal world, many people still feel strongly about having these gender divisions. Boys and girls will still wear different clothes, and be encouraged to play with different toys. And there’s still a lot of art and photgraphy that’s specifically created for boys’ rooms (pictures of trains, photos of classic cars, and bedlinen with the latest super heroes, etc.), while girls’ rooms are adorned with floral prints, pastel colours, baby dolls, and cute fluffy animals.

It's totally your call!

We’re not here to judge. We’re here to help you find the perfect city-themed wall art for whichever room you want, regardless of who you are. Whether you want art for a boy’s room, photos for a girl’s room, or something that will work nicely for either/or, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for at City Edge Scenes.

Don't delay - buy today!

Many of the images on City Edge Scenes are limited edition prints, and custom-made paintings from your own photos of the city. You can click through on whichever images you like, to get details on how to buy or order the edgy urban scenes of your dreams!